Q: Where can I learn more about the Buffet Cart?

Click here to learn more about the Buffet Cart.

Q. How hot does the Buffet Cart get?

A. The top two shelves get to approximately 175 degrees and the bottom shelf to approximately 190 degrees.

Q. What kind of dishes can I put in the cart?

A. The unit is safe for anything except plastic. Even cardboard can safely be put in the cart. Fine china, ceramic, glass & metal are all fine to use.

Q. I have small children. Will they get burned if they touch the shelves?

A. They will definitely pull away knowing it’s hot, but will not get burned as they would if they touched the inside of your oven.

Q. Can the cart be left plugged in for extended periods of time?

A. Yes. The factory tests each Buffet Cart to run a maximum of 72 hours continuously with no issues.

Q. How much food can I put in the warmer?

A. As long as you remember that only the dishes that are touching the shelves directly will really get the heat, you can put as much as you like. Stacking doesn’t work well like in an oven.

Q. How do I clean the unit?

A. Never use anything abrasive on the shelves or you will take off the finish. The best way to clean it is when the unit is still warm. Use a damp cloth and mild dish soap if necessary.

Q: Can the Buffet Cart be used on Shabbos by observant Jews?

A: Yes, Buffet Cart usage on Shabbos has been approved by the OU. Click Here to download the OU usage guidelines.

Q: Is the Vikron Buffet Cart the same as the Hostess Trolley found in the UK and Europe?

A: We are the official distributors of the Hostess Trolley in the US and Canada. Call to learn more.