Second Vikron Warmer

Thank you for assisting me with the purchase of my second Vikron Shabbos warmer. I purchased my first over 12 years ago, and it is without a doubt the most useful and valuable appliance I have ever owned. When we redid our kitchen, we designed it around the warmer, gladly sacrificing island cabinet space for it. Despite more than 12 years of regular use, it’s still going strong.

We recently purchased a second home down south, & after spending one Shabbos there without my warming oven, we knew it was a no-brainer: We had to get another.

BL, Brooklyn

Happy Customer

We have had a Vikron warming cart for the last 11 years and it had served us well consistently keeping are food warm every shabbos and yom tov (until Hurricane Harvey – where our house was flooded with 3 1/2 feet of water.) In fact after a few years we purchased a second cart just for Passover.

Although we have had to move to a small apartment, of all our appliances we have missed our precious warming cart with its three chafing dishes the most!  We thought we could get a hot plate and make do (the hot plate died on Shabbos morning after only four weeks.)  It was then that I decided space or not, we needed another one!

I would recommend this cart to anyone jewish or not, it keeps food warm and is spacious enough to accommodate any size meal.  We have even used it during the year for Thanksgiving dinner, when we could not use the oven since the Turkey was cooking. It warms Challah without burning it and is safe to use around children.  None of my children have ever been burned when it was on.   This cart is truly the best return on investment for any appliance that we have owned.  Guests always comment on it when they see it and we are quick to recommend that they purchase one as well. Our children have even hinted that they expect we will get them one when they move out on their own.

One very happy customer!

MK, Texas